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A simple, addictive game written in pure TI-Basic

Extra Programs

None. Any program I write will be 100% self-contained.


Program Details

Asteroid - dodge the asteroids (o) as they come up from the bottom f the screen at your ship ({V}). All sprites are text based to increase speed.

This is version 9, a highly unoptimized version of the game. Version X 10 would have been released, except for a small problem in that my calculator broke, and I can not easily test the game. So, unfortunately, this is the final version that will be made by me. If anybody wishes to take on the project, I am releasing this into the public domain. Please include my name!


  • Reasonable speed.
  • 4 Modes of play.
  • Simple, replayable style.
  • At least worth a shot.


I, by no means, guarantee that a downloader of this program will enjoy this game. This was the first game I wrote for the calculator, and, despite numerous updates, still feels like there is more to do.

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