CalCodes Challenges

If you enjoy a challenge, look here! A list of specifications and constraints are given, and the task is to build a program that fits. Programs will be rated based on size, speed, or both. You are free to use either TI-Basic or ASM, your choice. Note that TI-Basic programs and ASM programs will not be compared on speed (ASM has a slightly unfair advantage).

Challenge 1

Design and build a game that:

  • Has a graphical interface.
  • Has a map in which you walk around.
  • Have enemies that the character can fight.
  • Multiple weapons and/or Magic
  • A boss at the end.

This game is judged on presentation, not size or speed, although they are both a factor. Good luck!

End Date

To be decided, after at least 2 entries are in.


If you wish to compete, add your name to the list by editing the page.

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