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About Me

I program TI-Basic for the 83+, and plan on learning assembly for said calculator.

My Programs

Actually, it's kind of ironic, but both of my programs are under revision right now. I'll list the ones I'm rebuilding and the status next to it.

I've looked at the code, convoluted from 9 (count 'em, 9) upgrades, and I'm re-writing it from scratch, keeping the game engine mostly the same. Either way, it will be faster, be completely on the graph screen, and have better graphics in the game (Although the game itself may run on the homescreen, depending on if my code works right or not…). Expect it in about 1 week.
A life tracker for Magic: The Gathering. I'm rewriting it so that it uses the graph screen, and looks/feels overall nicer. Expect it in about 2 weeks.


Brain Age 83+
The incarnation of the popular brain-stimulating game from Nintendo's NDS. When should you expect it? Who knows! Probably after I finish updating my other programs.
Time Sphere
An RPG (Like we don't have enough of those!) featuring maps, items, magic, and a non-linear storyline! Although, items will be limited, and there will only be three spells, but the character will look like a person! Anyways, the point will be to get the Time sphere to beat the game, but there will be side-quests, expansion packs, and a sequel! The character will be customizable (stats-wise), and expect it in about a year!


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